The Sensex on Friday opened higher at 25132.08 points by surge of 69.14 points and Nifty at 7514.20.

The Indian rupee strengthened by 6 paise at 60.08 per dollar versus Thursday’s closing of 60.14 a dollar at the Interbank Foreign Exchange Market on Friday.

Traders expect the rupee to move in the range of 60 to 60.50 per dollar on Thursday, following Iraq crises.

BSE index fell by 0.23 percent, while NSE index too declined 0.19 percent lower during early trade on Thursday. Sensex opened flat at 25,217.69 points by drop of 96.05 points and Nifty opened at 7554.10 points by slipping 15.15 points.

The budget is announced to disclose agenda regarding government’s future expenditure to strengthen nation’s economy and consolidate economic stability through tax proposals.

On Wednesday, Bombay Stock Exchange index fell by 0.04 percent and broader National Stock Exchange fell by 0.06 percent after 10.20 am, ahead of the expiry of June derivatives on Thursday and concerns regarding Iraq crises.

The Indian rupee strengthened by 10 paise at 60.10 per dollar versus Monday’s closing of 60.20 a dollar.

The rupee recorded 60.18 per dollar on Friday against Monday’s opening at 60.10 a dollar.

BSE index opened higher at 25,115.83 points on Tuesday and Nifty too surged by 35.05 points at 7528.40 points.

On Friday, BSE Sensex recorded a two-week low at 25,105.51 points. Along with Sensex; BSE 100, Mid Cap, Small Cap and BSE 200 also recorded low.

The Indian Rupee opened lower by 13 paise at 60.21 per dollar at early trade on Friday in Interbank foreign exchange market. Its previous closing value recorded 60.08 a dollar on Thursday. The rupee weakened due to demand for dollars amid rising global crude oil prices.

During the pre-opening session at 9 am, Sensex recorded 25,243.97 points with an increase of 42.17 points.

The Indian rupee gained 40 paise at early trade in the Interbank Foreign exchange market on Thursday.

Sensex And Nifty Open High; Nikkei Surges Due To Federal Optimism

During the pre-opening session at 9 am, sensex recorded 25,274 points with an increase of 27.75 points. While S&P BSE 100 recorded 7,698.32 points, Mid Cap, Small Cap and BSE 200 too recorded highs.

Sensex And Nifty Open Higher, Tata Steel Gains After Investor’s Approval On Raising Borrowing Limit

At 9:15 am on Wednesday, Sensex opened higher at 25,565.19 by 44 points and Nifty too recorded an increase of 10.15 points opening at 7641.85.

BSE index ended up at 25,521 points with an incline of 330.71 points at 1.31 percent change, while Nifty reached 7631.70 points, surging 98.15 points with a 1.3 percent change.

Rupee vs Dollar: The Indian Rupee declined at 60.3525 a dollar by 20 paise on Tuesday at interbank foreign exchange market. It closed at 60.1550 per dollar on Monday.

Indian share market opened in red on Tuesday, as conflict in Iraq and a gas dispute between Ukraine and Russia has increased tensions among investors

Indian rupee slumped by 6 paise at 59.82 a dollar at early trade on Monday, against closing value of 59.76 per dollar on Friday at Interbank Foreign Exchange Market due to demand for dollars from oil exporters.

Arvind Mayaram said on Saturday that the government is watchful and there is no need to panic regarding oil supplies in India.

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