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Based in India, I am Content Marketer and a brand Journalist with expertise in communication for impact. I am here to help you grow online through content marketing and brand journalism. Connect with me for a free 1 to 1 session.

Digital PR Consultant
Inbound Marketing Consultant
Content Writing Coach
Brand Journalism and Communications Consultant

I am a former communications consultant turned inbound marketing strategist.


I help businesses grow online and generate leads through the powerful courses and curriculum that I write and produce. I am on a mission to help assemble content on my own for online growth. Get proven processes for the content you create, gain laser-like focus on your audience and goals, build online authority and presence.


My expertise lies in communications for impact. I have been working in the media industry since 2013.


My expertise lies in consulting online startups to create intriguing content that can garner audience attention and create interest. Being skilled in conducting interviews, taking notes accurately and professional networking, I can pass on the journalistic knowledge need to create various story ideas for your brand.


Here is the thing!


Every brand needs content that is researched well and has a strong voice. Also, the brand needs to look different by showcasing its unique strengths among its peers in the market. Professionals spend time learning the ins and outs of the marketing world, but marketing platforms also work well when a journalistic angle is used. Journalists can catch the hooking part in a story and bring that out as a lead to make the storytelling more engaging for the readers and viewers.


Journalists possess traits that can take a marketing department to the next level, starting with a deep understanding that writings should be newsworthy. They focus on the audience first and brand later, by this way they can boost marketing methods. I have all these skills to make you stand out among your peers by providing good-quality content.


Having developed the ability to tell a story from a neutral standpoint instead of a sales standpoint, can help achieve brands more eyeballs. I have helped 500+ brands since I started my career. In addition, I was a stock market reporter for the Indian Express Group, which has helped me understand the sentiments behind the market movements of multiple business sectors.


What’s more, journalists understand PR because they are the ones who are targeted, and I was among them who knew what the media needed. “If you know what you want as a consumer, you know how to sell as a seller from a consumer point of view.” That is the logic behind hiring me as a freelance writer and PR consultant. I specialize in business and technology.


By the way, I am a graduate in Physics. Oh yes!


But I always had that attraction towards storytelling and hence I enrolled to pursue a post-graduate diploma in Journalism from the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media (IIJNM) in Bangalore after completing my graduation. After spending several years in the media, I pursued a post-graduate diploma in Digital Marketing from Gujarat University.


Again, I believe in the power of words. I will consult you on how to create branded content with a journalist angle, in addition to providing content marketing strategy, and digital PR consultancy services for your business.


I am currently offering free 1 to 1 session for online businesses. If you are ready to understand how content marketing works, contact me by email at connect@bharadwajsharma.com.